Who is Tungsten?

Tungsten Enterprises was created to bring a radically different approach to media and technology services in the Chattanooga area. Tungsten was formed in 2015 with a vision of challenging the pro media industry to put the client's vision first. Our mission is to provide our clients with a clear vision of that they need, and nothing more. Long gone are the days of complicated estimates, shoddy customer service, and selling you something you don't need. We'll tell you how it is, and work a solution within your budget. If that's not possible, we'll give you a clear goal to work for. Don't worry, we will find a solution for you, no matter the size!

Your personal expert in the digital world.

We believe that our slogan defines us as a company in one simple sentence. The key word to us is personal. This process in crafting the perfect solution for your church or business couldn't be any more about you. We put your needs, your budget, and your venue first.

We believe that no two solutions are the same. We don't offer pre-made, cookie-cutter solutions because it doesn't make for the best final product. Every solution is custom-tailored to your specific needs. 

Tungsten is Responsive

Our response time is unmatched in the Chattanooga area. We'll get back with you, typically on the same business day, with a plan of how we can best help you, and you won't find that anywhere. You will never get the run around from our team. We'll build it, install it, and support it, and most importantly, stand behind it. 

But why Tungsten?

The answer is simple. We're different. Our dedication to you and your project, no matter the size, is centric around creating a unique experience just for you. Our team will show you why Tungsten is the essential element to your project. The Tungsten team specializes in a wide variety of technology-related products and services, delivering you the best of tech that 2017 has to offer.

You can trust your project to the experts at Tungsten Enterprises. Our extensive, and nearly life-long, experience in the industry ensures a final product that you will be amazed by. Combined with our attention to even the finest details, nobody can match the Tungsten way. We pride ourselves on giving our clients real options and stand behind our work.