The Tungsten Process

The Tungsten Process


The Tungsten Process

The Tungsten Process

Our Process is Your Process

The Tungsten process has been developed over several years of tried and true, real-world experience in the field. We've found that refinement is the key to any successful technology implementation, and we do all of the refinement in just a few days. We've developed our process around you, and we're confident that it will be the deciding factor in your purchasing decision.

  1. Consultation We want to realize your vision and make it a reality. It all starts with reviewing your options and getting a handle on your budget. We'll take note of your specific goals and take note of any problems you're experiencing with your current system.

  2. Inspection.  We'll come to you to get a better handle on your goals and collaborate with you on design ideas. Plus, we'll see what equipment you can retain. This is the most important step, because we believe that if you don't need something, you shouldn't purchase it. We prefer using what you have in place, because at the end of the day, it creates the best possible experience for you. We will take pictures of your venue and check every piece of equipment to see if you can use it moving forward.

  3. Evaluation.  After our inspection, we'll consult with our team and industry experts about the next steps for your project. We'll address all of your goals and expectations in plain English. So even your congregation or co-workers can understand.

  4. Estimation.  Now, we'll take all of the data we collected from the previous steps, and create a estimate for your project. We believe in giving you options, so most of our estimates will include a few different paths you can go. Our estimates include all of the fees so you won't be surprised at the end of the job, and we're able to honor tax exemptions if you qualify.
    We refine the bid based on your specifications. Please be patient through this process, as it makes for a better final product. We take great care in our system designs and invest great time and resources in this to preserve our excellent quality standards. We will present you with a final bid.

  5. Installation.  This is where the magic happens. Our team of certified experts will install your new technology solution with care. We take special note to aesthetics and strive for the cleanest look possible. Want to be on the job site while we're installing your new system? No problem! We'd love to share our expertise with you. We find it all very interesting, as well!

  6. Calibration.  What's a great new system without great calibration? We'll carefully calibrate your system and save the settings so you will always have a template to go back (if applicable). We will test and correct for any noise, feedback, or signal dropouts and correct any issues.

  7. Training.  We here at Tungsten Enterprises believe that your team should know how to operate the system in its entirety. We will setup a special training course at your facility where we'll go through everything step-by-step. We will even connect you with training videos for new team members down the line. There will be plenty of time to answer any questions you may have.

  8. Follow-up.  One of our friendly sound engineers will be on hand for your first use or service of your new system to make sure everything is operating properly. On-the-fly adjustments may be made and saved (if applicable) for optimum quality.

  9. 3-Month Checkup.  After 3 months, we'll come out to do a courtesy check of your new system to make sure everything is operating as it should. We'll go over everything with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything is good for many years of enjoyment.

We're confident that our comprehensive process is superior to any other integrator in the Southeast. You'll never get an in-stock special from us, because no two solutions are the same. We take pride in personalizing your system just for your venue, and believe wholeheartedly that it makes for a better final product.