Create a lasting connection that you can afford.

Tungsten Enterprises only offers churches and businesses the best, cutting-edge media and technology solutions in the industry, but here's the kicker, we make it affordable. We offer solutions for every budget and of every size. From your first professional sound reinforcement system, to a high-end line array system, we've got you covered. And it doesn't stop at audio. Our marketing team can reach a whole new audience by leveraging social media and web solutions to work for you. With Tungsten, the technology world is yours for the taking.

Tungsten is Radically Different

We're different, and we like it. But how? We take a different approach to technology by evaluating all of your options, not just the ones that make for the best profit margin. Unlike many of our area competitors, we care about your project and will find the right solution and share it with you. We won't just sell you what we have in stock because we don't carry stock! That goes alongside our belief that no two technology solutions are the same. Many of our products even include a lifetime warranty for additional peace of mind, and it's available on many others.

Our customer service is unmatched, too.  

Part of the Tungsten promise is that we'll get on your project quickly with our same-day response, unmatched in the Chattanooga area. Plus, we even offer 24/7 emergency service as part of our service plans and packages. You won't find that in this business, anywhere.

Your Friend in Technology

Tungsten is a voice you can trust in the technology world. We're committed to crafting the best solution for your specific application, even if that's not with us. We promise to go the extra mile to make your entire Tungsten experience all about you and only what your business or church needs, from the earliest stages of the bidding process to the final training session.

Tungsten: The local Chattanooga technology and media company you can trust.